Ten common questions
(Frequently Asked Questions )


1. Can slime be used as an educational tool?

Yes, Slime can be used as an educational tool as it helps children develop hand coordination and creativity.

2. Is Slime suitable for small children?

Slime is generally child-friendly, but please ensure that young children have adult supervision while playing Slime.

3. Can Slime be stored in the refrigerator?

We do not recommend storing slime in the refrigerator, as low temperatures will make the slime too hard and may ruin its texture.

4. How long can Slime be kept?

Slime can be kept for several months if stored properly, but except for summer and winter etc.

5.Can Slime be used as a pet toy?

Slime is not recommended as a pet toy as pets may accidentally ingest or swallow Slime.

6. Does Slime will change color?

Slime may change color if exposed to light for a long time, but this will not affect its playability.

7. Can Slime be used as a gift?

Yes, Slime can be used as a gift, such as a birthday gift, holiday gift, etc.

8. Can Slime be used as a hand training tool?

Yes, slime can be used as a hand exercise tool, which can make children’s fingers more flexible.

9. How is the quality of slime in this store?

All the slimes in this store have passed professional safety certification, and the quality is very guaranteed!

10. Can the slime decompress adults?

Slime can decompress adults and let adults relax!
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