Oat Slime/Creamy Slime/Cheap Slime/Foaming Slime/Stress Relief/Pressure Relief/Popular Toy


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Oat Slime/Creamy Slime/Cheap Slime/Foaming Slime/Stress Relief/Pressure Relief/Popular Toy
Oatmeal Slime is a very popular toy. It is a soft, elastic, viscous substance that stretches and shapes easily. The appearance and texture of the toy resemble oatmeal porridge, hence the name Oatmeal Slime. Oatmeal Slime is a non-toxic, eco-friendly toy. It does not contain harmful substances, so you can play with confidence.
★ SIZE1 (per box): 8.4 OZ/ 8.1 (US) FL.OZ (240ML)
SIZE2 (per box): 17.6 OZ/ 16.9 (US) FL.OZ (500ML)
★ PROMOTION: FREE SHIPPING WITH PRODUCT PAYMENT 35USD OR ABOVE! (Shipping cost will be fully refunded with product payment with 35USD or above).
★ FREE GIFT: All orders come with free gift of slime (100ml with random style), and accesories such as foam sticker, cartoon handbook sticker, etc. MORE purchase, MORE FREE random slimes in one order.
★ 1. This is NOT FOOD. DO NOT EAT.
★ 2. To prolong the lifespan of slime, please wash hands before play, and seal the cap after play to avoid water content vaporation.
★ 3. Slime may become a bit hard in winder and sticky in summer. In winter, please warm it for a few minutes by hand or warm water. In summer, please put it in freezer for a few minutes before play.
★ 4. Shipping: International standard shipping will be used for shipping. Early purchase is highly recommended.
★ 5. Refund/Return policy: We assume the responsibility for shipping wrong product (wrong color, wrong type). We are happy to find solutions if wrong shipping occurs, by refunding or sending new products as replacement. Please contact us before leaving a negative review if you are not satisfied with the products! We do not accept cancelation/refund/exchange of color/size problems.
★ Please double check your shipping address since we cannot change it once it is shipped:)
★ For more slime options, please click the link below 👇👇👇

240mL ($14.89), 500mL ($25.89)


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