Slime/Starry Sea/Crystal Mud /slime/ Children/Non-toxic handmade mud/foaming glue


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Slime/Starry Sea/Crystal Mud /slime/ Children/Non-toxic handmade mud/foaming glue
Starry Sea Slime is a very popular toy, its exterior design takes starry sky and ocean as the theme, making people feel mysterious and romantic. The main body of this toy is a piece of soft, transparent slime, which is mixed with stars and beads of various colors and shapes, making people feel as if they are in the bright starry sky and the deep sea. The material of this toy is soft rubber, which is very suitable for young children to play with. It feels comfortable and can bring children different sensory stimuli, such as touch, sight and hearing. On the surface of the toy, there are also small protrusions and grooves that allow children to better grasp and control the toy. For adults, Starry Sea Slime is also a very useful anti-stress tool. When you feel depressed or anxious, you can squeeze it in your hand, feel its soft texture and shimmering light, and relax yourself. At the same time, this toy can also bring back some wonderful memories of the fun and carefree times when you were a child. In short, Starry Sea Slime is a very interesting and practical toy. It can bring unlimited fun and creativity to children, and it can also help adults relieve stress and anxiety. It is a toy worth having.
★ SIZE1 (per box): 4.2 OZ/ 4.1 (US) FL.OZ (120ML)
SIZE2 (per box): 7.7 OZ/ 7.4 (US) FL.OZ (220ML)
SIZE3 (per box): 17.6 OZ/ 16.9 (US) FL.OZ (500ML)
★ PROMOTION: FREE SHIPPING WITH PRODUCT PAYMENT 35USD OR ABOVE! (Shipping cost will be fully refunded with product payment with 35USD or above).
★ FREE GIFT: All orders come with free gift of slime (100ml with random style), and accesories such as foam sticker, cartoon handbook sticker, etc. MORE purchase, MORE FREE random slimes in one order.
★ 1. This is NOT FOOD. DO NOT EAT.
★ 2. To prolong the lifespan of slime, please wash hands before play, and seal the cap after play to avoid water content vaporation.
★ 3. Slime may become a bit hard in winder and sticky in summer. In winter, please warm it for a few minutes by hand or warm water. In summer, please put it in freezer for a few minutes before play.
★ 4. Shipping: International standard shipping will be used for shipping. Early purchase is highly recommended.
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Mysterious Blue, Star Purple


120mL ($13.89), 220mL ($23.89), 500mL ($33.89)


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